ASTM Phase I & Phase II Assessments

GREEN routinely performs ASTM Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Transaction Screen Assessments for lending institutions as well as public and private sector clients. These assessments are completed as part of due diligence for the purchase of commercial property in accordance with the protocols and standards presented in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards E-1527, E-1528 and E-1903.

The ASTM Phase I process is designed to evaluate both current and historic uses and review available records to identify recognized environmental conditions (REC) and meet CERCLIS all appropriate inquiry requirements for an innocent owner defense. When an REC is identified, GREEN has the staff and knowledge to take the project to the next level of assessment. Our environmental services include limited subsurface assessments as well as contaminant remediation, risk assessment and Site closure.

The Phase II process is the further evaluation of a property where recognized environmental conditions, as defined in Practices E 1527 and E 1528, have been identified. The primary objectives of conducting a Phase II ESA is to evaluate the RECs identified in the Phase I ESA or transaction screen process, for the purpose of providing sufficient information regarding the nature and extent of contamination to assist in making informed business decisions about the property; and where applicable, providing the level of knowledge necessary to satisfy the innocent purchaser defense under CERCLA.

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GREEN's Phase II assessments typically include the collection and laboratory analysis of soil and groundwater on a property. Analytical data results are compared to state standards in order to establish environmental quality. This information is provided to the user and often utilized to make decisions regarding real estate transactions.