Civil Site Design

Green Environmental, Inc. Green Environmental, Inc. provides a broad range of civil engineering services to meet the needs of municipalities, property owners and developers. These services include preliminary site investigations, design, CADD production of plans, as well as professional representation and technical assistance through the local permitting and site-plan review process. These services are provided to a wide range of clients; from national retail chains to local developers. Our design services specifically include Site, Utility, Parking, Grading and Drainage Design With Licensed Professional Engineers in MA, NH, CT & RI, our in-house professionals routinely provide the following services:

  • Conceptual Site Design
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Master Planning
  • Local and State Permitting Drawings
  • Construction Document Preparation
  • Construction Layout and Project Management

GREEN represents our clients through the local permitting process to support site development. Our staff prepares and files Notices of Intent with the local Conservation Commissions, attends public hearings with the Conservation Commission, Zoning, and Planning Boards. Permitting services include:

  • Request for Determination of Applicability
  • Notice of Intent
  • Environmental Notification Form
  • Chapter 91, Waterways License
  • Water Quality Certification
  • Army Corps of Engineers Sections 10 and 404 Permits
Civil Site Design MA NH