Licensed Site Professionals

In 1993, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection established the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) program, placing greater responsibility for cleaning up sites on the private sector. GREEN has been providing LSP services since the inception of the program.

GREEN's in house LSPs routinely provide a full range of services to satisfy the requirements of the MCP. GREEN has applied and implemented innovative and regulatory sound strategies which have assisted numerous clients in achieving their goals. GREEN has provided LSP Services for numerous municipalities, state agencies, developers, contractors, industrial clients, and homeowners. Our services range from assessment stage, to site-specific remediation, to MCP site closure. Services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Emergency Response Services for releases of oil/hazardous materials
  • Reportable Condition Assessment and Release Notification
  • Remediation Waste Management
  • Underground Storage Tank Closure Assessments
  • Soil Gas and Indoor Air Evaluations
  • Limited Removal Actions
  • Immediate Response Actions
  • Release Abatement Measures
  • Utility Related Release Abatement Measures
  • Downgradient Property Status Evaluations
  • Phase I Initial Site Investigations
  • Tier Classifications and Permitting
  • Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment
  • Phase III Remedial Action Plans
  • Phase IV Remedy Implementation Design and Implementation
  • Phase V Remedy Operation Status
  • MCP Method 1 to Method 3 Risk Assessments
  • Response Action Outcome Statements
  • MCP Support Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Strategy Development
  • Groundwater and Soil Assessment Programs
  • Remedial Feasibility Studies
  • Remedial Pilot Testing
  • Remedial Design Engineering and Implementation
  • Activity and Use Limitations
  • Peer Review, Third Party Assistance

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