Site Remediation

Green Environmental, Inc. provides a wide range of site services, including comprehensive assessment and cleanup of s fuel oil releases at residential and commercial properties. For over 25 years, GREEN has provided services to insurance companies in response to residential fuel oil releases.

Our 24 HOUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE services include:

  • Delineating the extent of contamination/spill
  • Conducting cost effective remedial actions under LSP management
  • Massachusetts Contingency Plan response actions and filings
  • Construction and excavation services
  • Soil transportation and off site disposal.

The remediation of contaminated sites has become a complex engineering and construction challenge. GREEN starts all remedial projects by charting all the site specific information gained through intense investigation of both natural and unnatural site conditions. Our specialists evaluate all available remedial technologies in search of the method or combination of methods that will remediate the site effectively in the most cost efficient manner. GREEN has extensive field experience in the following remediation approaches:

Contaminated Soil

  • Bioremediation
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Soil Venting
  • Soil Fixation
  • Soil Recycling
  • Off-site Disposal

Contaminated Groundwater

  • Free Product Recovery
  • Carbon Treatment Systems
  • Separation
  • Air Sparging Air Stripping
Remediation MA NH
GREEN's remediation teams are unique because of their diversity of disciplines including environmental engineers, chemical engineers, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers and construction management specialist. Our staff of construction personnel and construction equipment affords us complete project control, which increases cost effectiveness and flexibility to address changing site conditions.