It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Green Environmental, Inc. to you. We recently worked with Green Environmental to address a release of heating oil in the basement of our church, adding to the concern was a sump 3 feet from the point of discharge. Initially I was steered by my oil company to his "go to" clean up team, never having dealt with such a situation I was overwhelmed by the clean-up process recommend by the oil company's team, then became very skeptical once the extremely high dollars figures were being tossed around. So I made a call to Green Environmental (found on the Web and Local to our church) and spoke with Mr Leventry. He met me at the church and offered up two potential solutions, recommended a less expensive method of coring the floor and testing the soil around our sump. Long story short we worked closely with Mr. Leventry and his staff to assess and remedy our situation. Green offers knowledgable professional personnel, quality work products, as well as great customer service and competitive rates.

Please consider Green Environmental, Inc for your environmental and remediation. I highly recommend them and would retain their services on future products.

R. Thompson
Beechwood Congregational Church

In my over 36 years in commercial banking, 29 or which were as a full time commercial lender, I have yet to find a more reliable and professional environmental consultant to do business with than Green Environmental, Inc.

Environmental due diligence has had a lot of changes over the years since the mid 1980's when it became a must for commercial real estate loans. In those early years of the MCP, many banks were running scared with the unknown and untested aspects of the lat. There were some environmental firms in those days that may have taken advantage of the situation and advised bankers to require an inordinate amount of environmental testing before a closing.

This obviously was spending the borrower's money - many times unnecessarily. Green was never this way with me. In fact, for the last 20 years they seemed always to try to work with the borrower and the bank to come up with a plan that did appropriate level of investigation but at the same time kept the pricing reasonable. Conversely, when Green tells me that additional testing is warranted, I have a high degree of confidence that it is the right course of action.

For many years, Green has deservedly been at the top of the list of several south shore banks for environmental consulting. I know first hand this is the case having worked for three of them. I would strongly recommend Green Environmental, Inc. for all your environmental consulting needs!

G. White
Braintree Cooperative Bank

We have previously worked successfully with Green Environmental, Inc. ("Green") on environmental cleanup projects including a soils remediation project at property that we own in Carver, MA, which included Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments and substantial soils remediation services.

We had previously utilized services several other environmental firms who were not able to successfully develop a plan of remediation to deal with the issues in place in Carver.

We are continuing to utilize Green for all of our environmental needs as Green deals has expertise with MASS DEP and has a track record of completing our projects in a timely and professional and economically reasonable manner.

We would highly recommend that you use Green on future environmental projects.

S. Gordon
First Colony Development Co., Inc.